What we are doing?

Our research and development work is primarily aimed at finding progressive, technically optimal and economically efficient solutions to structural construction problems.

We develop and subsequently apply special or unconventional materials in concrete and masonry structures. We perform diagnostics and expertise of civil and civil engineering structures, including extremely exposed structures (e.g. for nuclear power engineering). We design reinforcement and rehabilitation of modern and historical building structures.

Our equipment

We are a quality team of professionals for all the activities we offer. We have the following equipment:

  • Specialized measuring and registration control panels for automated monitoring of strain, volume changes, stress and other structurally significant physical quantities,
  • corresponding mechanical, piezoelectric, capacitive, optical, acoustic and magnetoelastic sensors,
  • a climate-controlled chamber allowing materials to be tested under temperature and humidity defined conditions,
  • hydraulic tensioning jackl with a force range of 0-200 kN,
  • spring-loaded volute presses for long-term loading of samples,
  • hardware and software equipment for mathematical modelling of structures (statics, dynamics, optimisation), including the necessary experience,
  • tools for the basic technical preparation of diagnostics and rehabilitation of structures,
  • proven methodologies and procedures for monitoring the behaviour of structures and their materials.

What we offer?

  • Design and mathematical modelling of concrete and masonry structures, interaction problems, subgrade models,
  • Design and assessment of reinforced or prestressed concrete structures- application of deterministic and probabilistic approaches,
  • optimization of the design of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures from different perspectives,
  • risk management of structures and their implementation, passporting of structures,
  • creation of specialized “tailor-made” programs,
  • design work,
  • Reinforcement of structures by means of additional prestressing or additional metallic and non-metallic reinforcement,
  • reinforcement and rehabilitation of (not only) historic buildings, development of technically and economically optimal reinforcement and rehabilitation procedures,
  • design, fabrication and testing of physical models of building structures of their elements, expert structural assessments of buildings, bridges and civil engineering structures,
  • assessments of the impact of aggressive and/or contaminated environments on the function of building structures,
  • diagnostics and long-term monitoring of bridges, reservoirs and civil engineering buildings,
  • revitalisation of prefabricated buildings,
  • surveys, assessments and remediation projects for hollow core ceramics slabs,
  • design of special concretes – high strength, limited shrinkage, etc.,
  • design of special structures reinforced or strengthened with composite reinforcement,
  • long-term shrinkage tests and curing of structural concretes and other construction materials,
  • design of grouting and related materials for special foundation work, even in aggressive or contaminated environments,
  • training courses for life-long learning, especially in connection with the introduction of the new generation of European standards (Eurocodes),
  • the possibility of creating and leading dedicated research teams using the human and instrumental potential of other specialised departments of the faculty.


Who do we cooperate with?

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